Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Richard Grayson, Registered Member of Arizona Green Party Since 2008, Wins Green Primary for Congress, Then Sued for Being "Sham" Candidate

Two apparent developments in this electoral comedy caused by the lack of due diligence on the part of the Arizona Green Party, in which I have been a registered voter in Apache Junction, Pinal County, since 2008 (longer than some of the candidates "endorsed" by the party):

(1) I've apparently "won" the primary for the Sixth Congressional District Green nomination with six write-in votes (more than any other congressional or legislative Green write-in candidate, including those "endorsed" by the Arizona Green Party).

See the official state canvass of the primary, released a few hours ago.

(2) I am apparently being targeted in an Arizona Green Party lawsuit against "sham" Green party candidates along with those who registered just before filing their write-in candidacies in July. (See this Arizona Republic article by Mary Jo Pitzl.)

This despite my two-year membership in the Arizona Green Party, my public adherence to the Green Party Ten Key Values, and the Arizona Green Party's vetting me and interviewing me at a party meeting over a phone conference on Sunday, August 22 (at which time they allowed me to vote on the endorsement of other candidates) and the AZGP's statement the following day that, unlike in the cases of the other candidates, they were not "opposing" me, just "not endorsing" me and they would reconsider endorsing me pending the results of the primary.

I was called at my house and told a subpoena is on its way. I still represent the Green Party's values and platforms, whatever anyone else thinks.

Make of this what you will. Stay tuned for more.